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Villazzo Founder's Vision

Valued Villazzo Client,

Allow me to share with you Villazzo’s vision – and why I started Villazzo.

After I had sold my Internet company in the stock market heydays, I took some time off to just travel the world. All of a sudden I was on an unlimited budget, unlike before, now I could pick the most expensive places in this world to stay. And I expected 10 times better service than what I used to know. I mean, I was paying 10 times more, so it should get REALLY sophisticated, right?

I got disappointed. Not only did I have to deal with the same unmotivated and lazy ground staff as in mediocre hotels, I also found everything to be much less personalized than I had hoped for. Even if you stay at the Presidential Suite, a 500 room hotel remains a 500 room hotel. Meaning: You’ll never even catch a glimpse of the manager, nobody cares what your preferences are (although sometimes they put questionnaires out in the rooms that obviously serve no purpose), and if you ever were to complain you would certainly find nobody to talk to.

Then I went to the small “luxury boutique” resorts. I got even more disappointed. The service might be more personalized here, but the quality of the rooms and the overall amenities fell back to 3-star levels, while prices doubled as compared to 5-star hotels. On some of these “best boutique resorts worldwide” you do not even have windows (only shutters), no air conditioning, no gym, no Internet connection. The list is endless. That obviously was not the place to stay either.

So I tried to rent private homes. At least they were built to the highest standards, and you could expect an exclusive, quiet, and private environment.

The downside with this market is: The client will most likely expect a hotel-like organization, but the market is controlled by realtors. These realtors are simply transaction-driven, who do not care about the quality of the houses, have no idea how the properties should be maintained or what amenities they should offer. The only thing that matters is how to acquire more houses. The more houses they get into their portfolio, the better – every “deal” brings them money. And the “deal” is done when you sign the rental agreement. However, as soon as you move in, nobody is there to welcome and assist you. If you want a rental car, you will have to phone around yourself. If you want your fridge stocked with soda, milk, or fresh fruit, you will have to go to the next supermarket yourself. If you want a cleaning lady, you can be happy if your agent provides you with a number to call, and you find yourself begging for basic service – in Spanish.

It was never easy to get a good impression of the house I was renting before I arrived – pictures on the Web can be so deceiving. They always and purposely show the nicest corners only, whereas right on the opposite wall the stucco might fall off. But who can afford to visit a place, looking for a house before coming back with friends and family?

That is why I ended up renting only what other friends had already tried out. There was no brand name out there that would pre-qualify certain homes as being truly 5-star, at the same time offer personalized service all throughout your stay, such as in-house dining, concierge, airport transfers, etc.

I know there are other people out there like me, who would like to stay in the most beautiful homes available, who would like to enjoy unmatched personalized 5-star service and who would want to know before they arrive that they will find quality. Villazzo is here to do exactly just that. We want to do for private residences what Cesar Ritz did for hotels. Each hotel could have a different architecture and design, but all of them were exceptional, and all of them had the same consistent quality of service.

We do not offer residences in places where we have no local office. Because if we don’t have a local director and local staff, we cannot provide the 5-star service you are looking for. You will always be met directly at the airport, chauffeured to your new home, where the local manager awaits you with welcome Champagne and sandwiches. You will have everything set up for you like in a 5-star hotel: The bathrobes, the luxury bath products, fine linen, fruit baskets, liquor bar, mini bars, snacks, an exclusive wine selection, cigars – practically everthing else you desire.

Join us and experience first hand what a Villazzo-serviced villa is about. I promise you will not be disappointed.

My warmest regards,

Christian Jagodzinski
President and Founder
Villazzo LLC

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