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If you owned a multi-million dollar business, would you leave it in the hands of a manager you did not trust? No one thinks of their home as a business, but such a valuable asset should not be left to the distress school of management, where things are only done when something goes wrong. Villazzo has a comprehensive management program, allowing you to choose the level of support you require.

Clients are often surprised at the cost of our villazzo living program. All of our services are charged by the hour, making them, in many cases, less than the price charged by local suppliers who are unknown to you. Each and every one of our specialists contributes to the overall reputation of Villazzo. You are not relying on one person, you are relying on an entire company.

If you own more than one property, Villazzo services make even more sense. Nobody keeps a home like its owners; and if you are absent, things are inevitably not attended to with the same diligence.

Villazzo will create a program to your specific needs and requirements. If you want your garden looked after, we can arrange anything from someone to cut the lawn to a full team of gardeners to keep the entire estate in perfect condition. The same goes for the inside or outside your home, the pool or any combination of the three. We will even ensure that your security devices are always in full working order, so that you need never fear leaving your house empty.

Proactive, not reactive, our service ensures that all of our VillaHotels and clients’ villas are maintained in perfect condition.

Villazzo Housekeeping
Do you dream of a housekeeper who does not just clean around the dust? Villazzo Housekeeping provides a variety of services from thorough cleaning, washing and ironing to grocery shopping, dry cleaning and hand car washing.

Villazzo Repair and Maintenance
Do you wish you had a repair team that was reliable and punctual? We will take care of your home’s day-to-day maintenance, providing services such as an electrician, plumber, decorator and gardener.

Villazzo Owner Representation
After returning from an extended vacation, would you like to find your home in pristine condition? This service supervises the running of your entire estate, including obtaining and negotiating with contractors, overseeing the quality and progress of their work and ensuring everything is kept up to the standards you require.

Villazzo Accounting
Wouldn’t it be convenient to have an accountant, ensuring that all of your monthly bills are paid on time? All your bills will be paid but, additionally, we actively seek the keenest prices for everything from gas and electricity to telephones and digital entertainment. Villazzo provides monthly and quarterly statements with cost analysis and predictive information.

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