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Let Villazzo find your ideal home

While many clients are interested in looking after their current home, Villazzo can go one step further – looking out for a home you don’t yet have: a new villa, a second home, or even a third. Our objective is to find you the most spectacular home with the highest potential to become a successful VillaHotel.

Building a new home.

This service includes finding a plot on which to build your dream house, introducing the right architect to interpret your ideas and overseeing the construction, so that the entire dream does not become a nightmare.

Villazzo coordinates the project, managing the process from plans to handing over keys. Architects, interior designers, garden designers, as well as all of the legal and financial issues are managed with complete efficiency. Clients are involved as much as they wish and Villazzo reports on budget and progress on a weekly or monthly basis.

After you move into your new home, you may want to enjoy your life there without the hassles of day-to-day management. Villazzo takes on as much of this burden as you wish.

Finding a new home.

Whether it is to be your principal residence or an additional home, finding your ideal villa is a very time-consuming task, with little guarantee of getting exactly what you want.

While everyone makes decorative changes to their personal taste, the nearer the property comes to what you are looking for, the less you will have to do when you move in.

Villazzo is totally impartial. We do not have listings – we are a buyer’s, not a seller’s, agent.

Most clients deal only with a few real estate agents. Villazzo opens the scope of your search, looking simultaneously at dozens of agents. We then create a shortlist, escorting you to each property, so that we build up a rapport, and get to know your exact criteria and taste.

Villazzo deals with all the purchase details, leaving you to pursue your own interests.

Our fees are invariably covered by the price reductions achieved by our negotiating.

Clients can choose any level of this service, from initial search through to entire purchase. Your task is to decide what you want. Ours is to find it.

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