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Frequently Asked Questions about Villazzo VillaHotels

About Villazzo VillaHotels

To know more about our concept of refined vacations, please read the FAQ below.

To reserve a stay, please visit our reservations page.

Benefits and Locations

What are the benefits of vacationing at a Villazzo VillaHotel?

Villazzo VillaHotels was created to bring the five-star hotel experience to private homes, in the most sought-after locations worldwide. Villazzo provides guests with ultimate luxury, service, and consistency. Guests will enjoy only the finest amenities and accommodations at our pristine estates throughout the United States and Europe. Unlike many of the new vacation “clubs” that are now appearing in the market, we believe the client should only pay for products or services they actually use. There are no annual fees, membership dues or maintenance fees. We charge clients for using our luxury homes only when they are actually occupying the residence. We hand-select our exquisite properties, luxurious enough for only the most discerning clientele, then add all the amenities and services found in the most posh hotels on the planet – luxury bathroom accessories, personal bathrobes, temperature-controlled wine storage, your personal selection of cigars, espresso/cappuccino makers, wireless Internet, choice of exotic car rentals, spa treatments, nannies, local gym memberships and more!

How many guests can stay at a VillaHotel?

We allow up to 150 percent of the number of people the VillaHotel can accommodate. For example, if the house has 4 bedrooms, it sleeps 8, which makes the maximum number of people allowed in the VillaHotel 12—during any time of day.

How many destinations are available for guests?

Currently, we have VillaHotels in five locations, including Miami Beach, Aspen, Marbella, St. Tropez, and Courchevel.

How many VillaHotels does Villazzo have in each destination?

Villazzo offers multiple VillaHotels in each location. To meet the high standards of our discerning clientele, we hand-select only the finest multi-million dollar homes. Our goal is to not exceed 10 VillaHotels per location.

Can I view the VillaHotels before I stay in them (pictures, floor plans, etc.)?

Yes. Simply visit the destinations page of this web site, and click on a location to view the VillaHotels for your choosing.

What is the average size and value of a VillaHotel?

The average size of a Villazzo VillaHotel is approximately 8,000 square feet or larger, with between three and seven bedrooms. On average, each estate is valued at $6,000,000 or more.

Amenities and Services

What services can I expect from Villazzo
VillaHotels? Do I have access to hotel-quality amenities?

Villazzo VillaHotels provides guests with the following services (all of which are included in the vacation rate): 24/7 concierge at the touch of a button, housekeeping twice a day, in-suite dining menus, daily international newspapers, flower service, daily supply of fresh fruits and juices, fully stocked bar, humidor with choice of personally selected cigars, and well-stocked refrigerators and mini-bars.

We strive to provide extraordinary services for our VillaHotel guests and will gladly make arrangements for the following: exotic car rental, including Porsche, BMW, Rolls Royce, etc; golf tee times at prestigious courses nearby; tennis rackets and access to nearby tennis courts; a private chef, personal full-time butler, and/or chauffeur-driven limousine; a nanny; personal massage and spa treatments either on-site or at nearby, top-rated facility; helicopter and aircraft charter, yachts and watercraft rental; and shopping and delivery services.

What technologies are VillaHotels equipped with?

All VillaHotels come with the latest technology. This includes business-class hotel phone systems with data ports, speakers, and teleconferencing capabilities; Ethernet cabling throughout the VillaHotel; 802.11 wireless network; permanent broadband Internet access; Multimedia PCs or laptops with network printer/fax machine; extensive music selection linked to the home entertainment center; DVD players; Dolby 5.1 home theater systems; and state-of-the-art security systems.

Is daily housekeeping included?

Yes. Each VillaHotel receives housekeeping twice daily, for detailed cleaning and turn-down service, just as you would find in a five-star hotel.

Costs and Reservations

How do I reserve a VillaHotel?


U.S.     : +1 (877) VILLAZZO
Europe : +44 (20) 8123 3375


What is the cost of renting a Villazzo VillaHotel?

Rates vary by season, duration, destination, and VillaHotel. Visit our reservations page or call us at the numbers listed above for more details.

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